Powering Global HVAC Supply Chain

Industry Overview

Changing climatic conditions, strong economic growth, various government initiatives like 'Make in India' - Atmanirbhar Bharat, PLI schemes, financial incentives, and the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2070 are some of the prime contributors to an energy-efficient HVAC Market growth. Projected to reach a market size of $30 billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 15.8% Indian subcontinent has become a fertile ground for local and international HVAC manufacturers. To set up factories, catering to local & global audiences thereby propelling market growth. With India’s exports remaining strong and the ever-increasing rise in trade, the shipments of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration are set to reach new highs. India’s strong growth trajectory and its current global position have got the Indian HVAC manufacturers aligned to meet the global supply chain requirements along with China, developing and growing the Indian HVAC export market year on year.

About ACREX India 2024

The 23rd edition of ACREX India in Delhi, riding on the theme “Powering Global HVAC Supply Chain” will focus on the rapid growth of the HVAC manufacturing sector in India. Showcasing the latest technological advancements and displaying a gamut of HVAC supply chain technologies. The exhibition will be an attractive sourcing and networking platform for local and international participants. With the push for more local manufacturing. ACREX India 2024 will help local and international manufacturers connect with industry captains, government officials, industry stalwarts, end users, and many more, helping them achieve their business objectives. ACREX 2024 will see experts from around the globe come together to network, connect, cultivate, and expand knowledge for better business and economic growth.

Striving for perfection in engineering better buildings

The 23rd edition of ACREX INDIA The focus for ACREX INDIA 2024 shall be on advancements in technology in the HVAC sector, which is pivotal in creating a better future, better world.

Participation, both in terms of exhibitors and visitors, shall be in high numbers over 40 countries including Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, UAE, UK, Ukraine and USA.

Living up to its legacy and raising the benchmark further, ACREX INDIA 2024 shall stand tall as the most coveted, comprehensive conglomeration for industry professionals from around the globe. Experts from all over the world would come together to meet people, cultivate and expand networks and conduct business.


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Corporate & Office Infrastructure
  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
  • Residential Complexes
  • Hospitality - Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs
  • Entertainment hubs like Malls, Auditoriums, MulTIplexes
  • Educational & Research Institutions
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals, Blood Banks, Clean Rooms
  • Automobiles, Railways, Airports & Aviation
  • Commercial Shipping, Cruise Liners
  • Refrigerated Trawlers
  • Defence Services: Army, Navy, Air Force
  • Salons, Spas & Health Clubs
  • Pharma industry manufacturers
Powerful international participation from 30 countries including Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Netherlands, UAE, UK, Ukraine and USA.

Experts & stalwarts of Industry from International organizations like ASHRAE & AMCHAM USA, UNEP, CIBSE UK, REHVA & EBTC France, VDMA & IGCC Germany, CAR China, FTI Thailand, ABOK Russia, Turkish HVAC-R Exporters (ISIB) Turkey, meet to Connect, Share and Create Knowledge Forums & strategic alliances.

Pathbreaking Technologies in Heating, Ventilations and Air Conditioning Integrate to Shape A Better World

ACREX India 2022 Engineered buildings for a better world

  • The global HVAC industry witnesses an impressive growth rate of 7.2% till 2021, attributed to continued growth in construction sector revenues.
  • The Indian market surpasses this with an expected size of $5.9 billion by 2024, progressing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period (2019-2024).
  • The major factors driving the growth of the market are increasing number of high-rise buildings, hypermarkets in Tier-II cities, and shopping complexes and malls, where HVAC systems are an essential requirement. This gets augmented by the government’s spotlight on the on-going smart city projects in the nation.
  • The HVAC market displays an increased focus on energy efficiency by manufacturers as well consumers.
  • USD 1.45 Trillion government investment in infra projects over the next 5 years.
  • The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), flagship initiative of NITI Aayog, launched the Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) program in NITI Aayog which aims at spurring community Innovation.

Participating Sectors - HVAC Sectors that ‘Build the Better World’

Automobiles, Railways, Airports & Aviation
Banks & Financial Institutions
Commercial Buildings
Commercial Shipping, Cruise Liners
Corporate & Office Infrastructure
Defence Services: Army, Navy, Air Force
Educational & Research Institutions
Entertainment hubs like Malls, Auditoriums, Multiplexes
Hospitality - Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs
Hospitals, Blood Banks, Clean Rooms
Industrial Manufacturing Facilities
Pharma industry manufacturers
Residential Complexes
Salons, Spas & Health Clubs


  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Consultants
  • Engineering Companies
  • Project Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Developers of Building & Infrastructure
  • End users from the private and public sector for
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  • Plumbing organisations
  • Electrical consultants
  • Electrical engineering companies
  • HVAC consultants
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Heating & Ventilation Engineers/Contractors
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • After Sales & Maintenance Contractors





Acrex India 2020

India Expo Centre,
IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR.

Date & Opening Times
27 - 29 February, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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