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Exhibitors 2022

S. No. Company Name Stall Number Website Country
1 22/7 Enterprise G6 www.22-7.co.in INDIA
2 75F Smart Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. F26 www.75f.io INDIA
3 Advance International F1 www.alcancylinder.com INDIA
4 Advance Valves Pvt. Ltd. I23A www.advancevalves.com India
5 Aire Maskin F19 www.airemaskin.com INDIA
6 Ajit Industries Pvt. Ltd. J3 www.ajitindustries.com INDIA
7 Akshay Enterprise J21 www.abcbrass.com INDIA
8 ALM Engineering and Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. G4 www.almontazar.com INDIA
9 ALP Aeroflex India Pvt. Ltd. I20 www.alpaeroflex.com INDIA
10 Appidi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. F12 www.appiditech.com INDIA
11 Approcopp Engineering Pvt. Ltd. I13   INDIA
12 Armstrong Design Pvt. Ltd. F6   INDIA
13 Armstrong Design Pvt. Ltd. G5 www.armstrongfluidtechnology.com INDIA
14 Auro Engineering Company F11 www.auroengineering.com INDIA
15 Belimo Actuators India Pvt. Ltd. H19 www.belimo.in INDIA
16 Bitzer CD Pvt. Ltd. F21 www.bitzer.in INDIA
17 Blue Cold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. H23 + H24 www.bluecoldref.com INDIA
18 Boulton Trading Corporation I25   INDIA
19 Castle Valves Pvt. Ltd. J22 www.castlevalves.com INDIA
20 Ceamen Electronics H25 www.astbergventilation..com INDIA
21 Citizen Industries F15 + F16 www.citizenindia.com INDIA
22 Classik Cooling Towers H5 www.classikcoolingtowers.com INDIA
23 Condair F14 www.condair-group.com Switzerland
24 Cool Sales India F29 www.coolsales.in INDIA
25 Damair India J12 www.damair-abbott.com INDIA
26 Daspass Sales Corporation H20 www.daspass.in INDIA
27 Desiccant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd. I24 www.drirotors.com INDIA
28 Ductfab Equipments Pvt. Ltd. J7 www.ductfab.in INDIA
29 Dwyer Instruments F9 www.dwyer-inst.com United Kingdom
30 Dyna Filters Pvt. Ltd. H18B www.dynafilters.com India
31 Ecoair Cooling Systems Pvt. Ltd. I39 & G25 www.ecoair.co.in INDIA
32 Engelmann Sensor GmbH  J8 www.engelmann.de Germany
33 Envisync Systems Pvt. Ltd. F5 www.ixoltair.com INDIA
34 Eyyani Electric Machines Pvt. Ltd. J33 www.eyyani.com INDIA
35 Fischer Building Materials India Pvt. Ltd. H21 www.fischer.in INDIA
36 Fortive India Pvt. Ltd. G17 www.setra.com INDIA
37 Fujitsu General (India) Pvt. Ltd. G15 www.fujitsu-general.com INDIA
38 Greystone Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. H10 www.greystoneenergy.com INDIA
39 Gripple Hanger & Joiner Systems India Pvt. Ltd. I7 www.gripple.com INDIA
40 Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. I26 www.grundfos.com/in INDIA
41 Helious Specialty Gases Pvt. Ltd. G17B www.heliousgases.com INDIA
42 Highly Electrical Appliances India Pvt. Ltd. G18 www.highly.co.in INDIA
43 Hindustan Refrigeration Stores H29 www.higroupworld.com INDIA
44 Hygro Tech Engineers I16 www.hygrotechindia.com INDIA
45 Indtech Capacitors I27 www.indtechcapacitors.com INDIA
46 Kanwal Industrial Corporation G22 www.easyflex.in INDIA
47 KMS Plastworld Pvt. Ltd. I22A www.kmsplastworld.co.in INDIA
48 KRN Heat Exchanger and Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. G10 www.krnheatexchanger.com INDIA
49 LB Metals F8 www.lbmetalsindia.com INDIA
50 Lehry Instrumentation & Valves Pvt. Ltd. J16 www.lehryvalves.com INDIA
51 M/S Blue-Volt Services J15 www.bluevolt.co.in INDIA
52 M/S Global Airfilter India Pvt. Ltd. J10 www.globalairfilter.in INDIA
53 Malhotra Electronics Pvt. Ltd, I28A www.wybor.in INDIA
54 Mandev Tubes Pvt. Ltd. G8 www.mandevtubes.com INDIA
55 Marut Air Systems Pvt. Ltd. G21 www.marutair.com INDIA
56 MechEasy Insulation India Pvt Ltd. H12   INDIA
57 Mecord Systems and Services Pvt. Ltd. H22 www.mecord.com INDIA
58 Micro Coils and Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. G17A www.microcoils.in INDIA
59 Mihama India Pvt. Ltd. F10 www.mihamaindia.com INDIA
60 Möhlenhoff GmbH. I33 www.moehlenhoff.de Germany
61 Natasha Fin Tubes K7 www.natashafintubes.com INDIA
62 Oasis Connectivity Pvt. Ltd. F2 www.oasisindia.net INDIA
63 Omeel Coils J9 www.omeelcoils.com INDIA
64 Orient Eco Systems Pvt. Ltd. H20A www.orientecosystems.com INDIA
65 Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd. G7+9 www.paharpur.com INDIA
66 Pioneer Industrial Instruments J11 www.pioneergougos.com INDIA
67 Rishabh Enterprises HVAC & R Pvt. Ltd. G20 www.rishabhenterprises.in INDIA
68 Saru Silver Alloy Pvt. Ltd. H18 www.SARUSILVER.com INDIA
69 Shrirang Automation and Controls H9 www.SANC.in INDIA
70 Sky Air Cooler J19 www.skyaircooler.com INDIA
71 Streamline Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. H19A   INDIA
72 Technocab HVAC Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  H18A www.tse.net.in INDIA
73 Testo India Pvt. Ltd. G16 www.testo.com INDIA
74 Toot MNE Tech Pvt. Ltd. H11 www.tootmnetech.com INDIA
75 Tube Tech Copper & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. F18 www.indiancopper.com INDIA
76 Uniweld Products Inc. K9 www.uniweld.com INDIA
77 V.A Valves H6 www.vtm-utam.com INDIA
78 Vivant Solutions Pvt. Ltd. I15 www.vivant.in INDIA
79 Wilo Mather and Platt Pumps Pvt. Ltd.  I20A www.wilo.in INDIA
80 Yaskawa India Pvt. Ltd. G23 www.yaskawaindia.in INDIA
81 Ziehl-Abegg SE I23B www.ziehl-abegg.de Germany

Acrex India 2020

India Expo Centre,
IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR.

Date & Opening Times
27 - 29 February, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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